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Insitu Digital is a learning agency providing digital learning solutions. We have an absolute commitment to producing high-quality work that we can all be proud of.

We follow this four stage process;

The Discover stage of all our projects starts out from the very first phone call, message or meeting. We’ll listen to you to learn about your company and project, and together we’ll define the work required for the project and desired outcomes. When you’re happy with your quote and payment schedule, you send us a Purchase Order and the project moves on to the Define stage.

The Define stage is a period of work to understand and shape the learning to meet the needs of your learners. We’ll go into the detail of the topics and define how we will build and deliver the learning. A content breakdown will be the reference used by the writers, designers and coders in the Development stage of the project.

In the Develop stage, our teams at Insitu start writing, designing and coding. A key step is the creation of the storyboard – a visual resource that shows how we want the course to appear to a learner. Alongside storyboard development, we create prototypes of the user interface, interactions and game elements. Then, using the approved storyboard and prototypes, we build the course.

In this final stage of the project, we deliver completed courses to you ready to deploy. We can help you with any copy clearance processes that your company might have, and then produce regional versions, translations and localisations as required. At the end of the project, a project review meeting looks back over the project and lists out any final actions required.

Throughout your project, our aim is to make your life simple. We work collaboratively with you, responding flexibly to your changing needs. We want you to be able to get on with your job safe in the knowledge that we’ll get our job right.

You can be confident we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver on time and on budget which helps explain why our clients come back to us year after year and why they’ve said so many nice things about us. Our work with you matters to us – a lot.

Helping our clients meet the needs of modern learners

At Insitu Digital, we’ve been producing content that tells great stories – and changes the way people think, feel and act for many years. More recently we’ve been creating the next generation of learning through modern and customisable interactive learning experiences.

Our experienced team of experts will help you inform, educate and inspire your colleagues with targeted, bespoke learning.

Over the years, we’ve built long-term partnerships with major global brands and our clients say some lovely things about us.

Maybe we can help you next. Why not contact us today and we can see where the conversation takes us.

“Insitu Digital have provided excellent support services to WD-40 over several years helping us deploy new training initiatives via e-learning and videos. This learning culture has been integral to the success of the company in its ability to diversify and adapt to changing market requirements.”

Philip Tweed, Regional Director UK and Benelux, WD-40 Company

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